NANNA Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Vienna based illustrator NANNA. Enjoy our chat!

+ What/who influenced you to pursue a career in art? 

I have been in love with illustration since I was a little girl. Nobody in my family or surrounding is working in a creative field, so I don’t know how I came up with this idea. My mother read out a lot of children’s books to me, so it might be that she was the one who introduced me into the world of illustration. However I’m very happy with the way things are going now, it was definitely the right decision to choose a creative life.

+ How did you develop your artistic style?

I tried out many different techniques to find out which one workers best for me, through a learning by doing process. It took a few years until I found the perfect mix, it combines the texture of analog acrylic painting with digital paper cutting. So I’ve kind of developed my very own technique, I call it the 'digital paper-cutting'  ;)
I’m still trying to make it better and better, so the progress hasn’t stopped right now, maybe it never will. 

+ What are some of the projects you have worked on?

There were many exciting jobs since I’ve started to work self-employed in 2014 such as book covers, packaging for food, wrapping papers and some nice editorial projects. As well, I really enjoyed working on a children’s book called 'Ganz schön super', which I also wrote by myself. It has been was published in German language last spring. 

To see more of NANNA, check out:


  1. Great interview + her digital paper cutting technique. Love the last pair of cat and mouse!