Melissa Castrillon Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Cambridge based illustrator, Melissa Castrillon. Enjoy our chat!

+ What/who influenced you to pursue a career in art?
I believe there's been a number of people who have influenced me to pursue art, 
when i was young it was a mixture of my photographer father and my art lover mother, they both were very supportive of my early ventures from crayon to pencil. And also the competitive nature of me and my older brothers relationship also spurred me on to be better than him at drawing and never give up. My bloody minded determination developed from quite an early age ;)

I then a lot later fell in love with books and illustration and many of my tutors whom inspired me made the dream to become an illustrator become an attainable thing, which was important for me getting to become a freelance illustrator.

+ How did you develop your artistic style?
A lot of my work has a narrative or story within it, which comes from love of books and most of my current work is saturated with a lot of flora and fauna, as the natural world is a constant inspiration. lastly screen printing has reinforced my love of colour and use of layering flat colour within my illustrations. So i'd say my love of books and the natural world and screen printing have been huge inspirations. I'd say they are my main influences and together they have helped me develop my artist style.

+ What are some of the projects you have worked on?

I've been lucky enough to work with some wonderful clients such as Ohhdeer, Simon & Schuster, National Trust & Djeco, on projects ranging from editorial work, toy design, book jackets, and picture books.

You can find out more about Melissa by visiting:


  1. I simply loved reading the interview article of this artist. She is very creative. He Illustration art work is unique and fresh. She has very nicely narrated the idea in one illustration.