It's been a while!

Hello again!

5 months it has been since I posted to this little blog. I realised that I had lost any motive to blog and blogging had become a chore, sadly. So I left for a while, just deciding whether or not to keep blogging and to see if the things I was blogging about even interested me anymore.

Well they still do! And since Australian school holidays are coming up I will have plenty of time to blog.

(A cute piece from one of my favourite illustrators, Emily Isabella)

So what have I been doing for the last 5 months that has kept me so busy? Mostly studying, but also spending lots of time with my beloved guinea pigs (!!) and some other things. I completed a volunteer program at a local animal shelter, built some sets for a high school musical (no, not 'the' high school musical, a different one), and adopted a 3rd guinea pig from my local guinea pig rescue, among other things!

I have been watching a couple of YouTube channels:

Post Modern Jukebox:

This channel is super cool (how did I not know it existed earlier?). They cover modern songs and fit them into various eras. Some of my favourites:

Little Adventures:

Even if you don't have guinea pigs, this is an adorable channel to watch! Frieda, Sylvester, Pebbles, and Little One are some super cute guinea pigs with fun personalities. I love watching them every week and keeping up with the vlogs!

Also, I am currently working on my final art piece for my visual art class! It is a 3D artist book focusing on the sense 'sight'. It's full of flowers, bushes, and vines. I won't be taking art next year so this is it! If it all turns out well I will have a picture up on the blog in the next couple of weeks.
Flora in Peach II:
(Floral by Yao Cheng)

What have you all been up to? x


  1. Welcome back! We've missed you. That band is amazing, plus they did a cover of Fall Out Boy which makes them ever better xD


    1. Thanks :) Yes they are pretty cool!

  2. Welcome back! I haven't blogged for ages either... I keep meaning to but I just don't have the motivation! x

    1. Haha yes the motivation does start to die down after a while, but I hope you start blogging again soon!

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