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Hello! So it has been a whole month since I posted to this blog. A MONTH! During that month, I have been very busy at school (exam week this week!) and going to book festivals! I have been to 2 Lifeline Book festivals this year, and one local library book sale. I definitely have enough books to read! 

These are a few books I picked up at the festivals!

Playing Beatie Bow - Ruth Park // Tales of the Unexpected - Roald Dahl // The Fault in our Stars - John Green // Wonder - RJ Palacio // The Festival by the Sea - June Loves // The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton 

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your opinion! I am hoping to start The Luminaries soon. 

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald // The Beautiful and Damned - F. Scott Fitzgerald // Mary Bennet - Jenifer Paynter // The Mind's Eye - Oliver Sacks // We are all made of Glue - Marina Lewycka

I chose most of these books after reading THIS post from Buzzfeed to get some book recommendations. Do you have any book recommendations?

And I finally found The Virgin Suicides!! I have been looking for this book for AGES after watching a book recommendation video of easy reads by Booksandquills and Essie Button. Every book fest I go to I look for the books they have recommended and I have found a few so far!

You can watch the video here:

Also, I thought I would take a few close ups of the bouquets I made! I took a walk/run in the park and collected the prettiest flowers/leaves I could find. A few are Australian natives but there are definitely some (very pretty) weeds. I had to dodge ALOT of spider webs to get these flowers!

Isn't that pom pom flower above so cool? In my local park there is a tree filled with them. And bees! There were bees climbing all over the flowers and buzzing about. You can even spot mini bee hives among the bush. And the little buds look like raspberries, don't you think?

So have you guys read any of these books or do you have any book recommendations for me? I would love to know for the next Bookfest! Have an awesome week x

(Oh, and if you live in the Brisbane area the Lifeline Brisbane Bookfest is on until Tuesday 9/6/15 if you want to check it out)


  1. These books all look wonderful, I love how bright and fun the covers are! I totally judge books by their covers, haha.
    I've read the Fault in the Stars before, and I thought that it was good, but maybe not all that it was cracked up to be ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Haha yes I judge books by there covers too! (as evident) but the story matters too of course. I'm reading The Fault in our Stars now, thanks for your opinion! x

  2. I love this, everything is so pretty ♥ I listened an audiobook of The Fault in our Stars and it had me in tears lol!
    Enjoy reading!

  3. The pompom flowers are too cute! As for book recommendations, How to be Parisian is an amazing read and so is It's Kind of a Funny Story! The Night Circus isn't relatively new, but it's also a great book xx

    Justine | <a href="”>teenfolk</a>

  4. (oops apologies for the html spazz in the previous comment!)