Hello! So a little while ago, the awesome Natalie Cope let me know about the Manchester clothing company Bryt (that she and James Foster founded) that is Kickstarting today! It's all about brightly coloured clothing to satisfy those with a love for very VERY bright colours. And to bring colour happiness to all!

To kickstart this new brand, Bryt will have a whole range of fun and colourful socks available. Each pair of socks have a unique name, there is....



and Sam!

(and more of course)

All socks are made with narrow combed cotton fibers (comfy!) in the UK. 9 sock designs are available on the Kickstarter, however if Bryt are able to exceed their target their will be 25 designs available AND an entire underwear collection (all will be super colourful, and bright of course!). 

Bryt's plan is to 'Be Bright. Be Bold and Create Change'.

So if you too think Bryt is pretty cool and you want to support their goal to sell ONLY bright coloured clothing head over HERE to their Kickstarter and show them some loooove. (the kickstarter goes live 1.30pm on the 28th of April)

If you are interested in Bryt you can check out their:

Have and awesome week x