Roll Those Eyes

Guest post by NY Journalist, Taylor Kate:

I spend a lot of time on my computer reading DIY's, and during my extensive research I've noticed that something important has been missing: the eye roll. Eye rolling is an irreplaceable accessory for any lady of this era. Or any era, really. I believe it was Coco Chanel who said, "'Tis a beautiful, beautiful thing to role thy eyes." So, for you poor souls who have yet to master the art of the eye role, I'm here to give you a step by step tutorial. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul

+ Le Classique 

This one is a blank canvas, it's just the starting point in the world of side eye. This is an art that requires a lot of time and practice, you must start small and work your way up from there.

Step one: Relax your muscles and keep your face very calm. 

Step two: Focus all the energy into your eyes. Start from eyes on the right and roll counter-clock wise. 

Step three: For added effect, take a deep breath in while doing step two.  

Tip: Take a look at this emoticon, that guy has the look down to a science. 
+ Like, You're Right, But I Don't Want to Give You That Kind of Satisfaction

This is the kind of look you give when someone tells you that you should probably wear a jacket because "It's cold outside, Taylor." But you simply refuse, you're "Not cold at all, mom." In fact, you're hot. Sweating! Then, a few hours later you feel a bit chilly, but you refuse to admit defeat.

Step one: Nod your head ever so slightly as if you're about to agree. 

Step 2: Roll your eyes like you learned in 'Le Classique'  (Counter clockwise, don't forget!) 

Step 3: For added effect, while you're doing step one, tone down step too and focus on bugging out your eyes. 
+ I'm Not the Only One Who Heard That, Right? 

At some point in your life, you will find yourself encountering other human beings. You will also find yourself wondering if this person is for real. This eye roll technique is best reserved as a  response to a question, such as "Is the word sniff spelt with one 'f' or two?" Or equally cringe-worthy questions. 

Step 1: Stick your head out slightly, but remember good posture is key. 

Step 2: Furrow your brows, this is not the time to worry about wrinkles, ladies! 

Step 3: Stick your right hand out to the side as if asking for a 'low five'. 

Step 4: Curl over the tips of your fingers as if you're now holding the air. 

Step 5: Bug your eyes out, go for it, don't hold back. This is your time, your time to shine. 

I hope I have been able to aid your eye-rolling needs. I also hope the methods I taught you today don't get you in any trouble. If your mother becomes annoyed with your new-found eye rolling habits, tell her I told you about this magic. I'll take the fall for you, but just this once. After all, 'tis a beautiful beautiful thing to role thy eyes. 

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* Hello! First off, so sorry all for the long blogging break! I have been organising posts, and interviews/guest posts with some pretty amazing people. But I'm back, and it will be the regular once-a-week post from now on. 


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    Golden Ducklings xx

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