Elizabeth Doyle Interview

Hello! Recently, I was lucky enough to interview Elizabeth Doyle, a children's book designer for Simon & Schuster and a freelance illustrator & designer. She creates the most delightful artworks with a pretty mix of pastels, collage, and white spaces.  Elizabeth has been featured on Design Love Fest, Emmy Reis, and many more lovely blog & websites. She is an amazing up-and-coming designer/artist that deserves as much recognition as she can get!

+ Hello Elizabeth! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
Hello, hello! I graduated from FIT about 3 years ago and am a current children’s book designer. I do a lot of personal projects on the side and occasionally some freelance design or illustration. I am always seeking inspiration for new books and personal projects!

+ What is the inspiration behind your artworks?
I am inspired by all things bright and beautiful. But to be more specific, I love looking at fine art, antique books, retro children’s books, vintage fabric, and of course current artists and makers on ETSY and Pinterest. Oh! And also Tom Waits, WFMU and Alice in Wonderland.
Where I find inspiration often changes, though. I think it’s great because I never run out of ways to combine old and new ideas into current projects.

+ How long have you loved art/design, and is there anything or anyone that started you on your creative journey?
If you ask my parents, they would say when I was a kid I was always moving from creative project to creative project. I had very supportive teachers throughout my life that supported the arts and always pushed me to do my best work. I can say my “Ah-ha” moment that made me want to devote my life to art was in third grade when my teacher showed us Matisse and Van Gogh. WOW! I couldn’t stop thinking about art after that.
+ What are some of the opportunities you’ve had since sharing your art?
I am currently working on writing and illustrating my first children’s book! It’s being published by Simon & Schuster in 2015. I will be able to post about it soon but I sadly can’t share anything about it yet. I’ve had some of my drawings featured on Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech posts, which was a very fun opportunity! I got a lot of exposure from that and it totally jumpstarted people’s interest in my work on a broader scale. Also, this interview! So grateful! The best part about sharing work is the line of communication it opens up between fellow artists, friends, and colleagues. I am always so eager to see other people’s creations!

Elizabeth's Lila Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 Entry 

How do you create your artworks?
I would not be caught dead without a sketchbook! I often carry about three of them. Discovering brush pens has recently changed my creative process. I used to go straight to the computer and start creating. But now, I usually sketch my ideas with the brush pens or look through magazines to start collages. My scanner and computers are my best friends.

+ How would you describe your style?
I would describe my current work as bright, sensitive, and smiley. But this is a tough question! I feel like I have an overarching aesthetic, but a few different styles. I’ve been struggling with this for the past couple of years. In school, I did very serious non-fiction collage work. During college, I broke into the publishing world and it totally opened my eyes to children's books. I connected with the fun-loving attitude of board books and picture books, which led me to realise that happy work is legitimate work! And very rewarding. For some reason, I had a very hard time accepting that I liked making happy & pretty work. Before, making serious pieces felt like more of an accomplishment. Now I realise that good work doesn't have to take a million hours to make. Sometimes, it could only take ten minutes! Not to mention that bright and happy work fits with my personality so much more than serious work. Every once in a while it’s fun to break out the Nat Geo magazines and make some bad-ass collages though, haha! I’ll never lose that side of me. Long story short, it’s all about the journey!

+ What advice do you have for young designers/artists?
First, don’t compare “follows” and “likes” to your self worth. Getting attention on social media can sometimes be confusing. Do what you know makes you feel like YOU!

Most importantly: Don’t. Ever. Stop. Creating. Keep at it! You will get there. Wherever that may be. Maybe you don’t know where it is yet. I still feel that way sometimes. That’s okay! Every artist and designer has different struggles but the more time you spend with your work, the more you will grow. Thats where the fun is! In the words of Leonard Cohen, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”


Hope you enjoyed that interview with Elizabeth, it was super fun to interview her!

You check out more of Elizabeth's work at her:

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Hope you liked our little chat! xo


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