Feet Love

Hello and yes. This post is about socks. I love socks, don't you? You must. I wear them ALL the time, I even walk around in my garden wearing them (I know, I know, I have been told numerous times I shouldn't). So I thought, why not write a post about socks? I have been gathering a collection of socks from all over the web to bring you the very best in sock fashion!

1. Gorman patterned socks.

These are some of the coolest socks you can get. Any where. Watermelons, vegetables, all on your feet. I have seen them featured all over the place, from store fronts to blogs to feet (duh). They oddly match so many outfits! Plus, wearing vegetable socks is a great conversation starter.

2. Chatty feet.

I love Chatty feet, and I have no idea why. Looking at them staring at you is creepy, yet oddly comforting in a 'hey, at least my socks wanna be my friend' way. These knee high socks made in Portugal are a must have for any sock lover (and general cartoon face on your feet lover).

I think Venus has to be my favourite pair. Those eyelashes! And Yoko Mono definitely comes second. She looks so cheerful, what great company. Socks are fantastic friends, and as the brand states, very chatty.

3. Hansel from Basel.

I first saw Hansel from Basel socks a while ago as they were featured in a giveaway on DESIGNLOVEFEST. Hansel from Basel is a dainty hoisery company based in Los Angeles, California, and run by Hannah Byun. The socks are so comfortable, and made from lightweight breathable cotton.

"Hansel from Basel is continually inspired by the small details of our everyday environment. we couldn't resist the lush green foliage, poppy florals, and brilliant hues of bouganvilla densely scattered around our los angeles neighborhood. kelly green, mustard, and fuschia are important colors repeated throughout the collection and as we like to say, our socks and tights are in full bloom!"
*Graphic created by me using images from Hansel + Basel 

Hope you found some socks you like. Let me know, which were your favourite? I am very interested to know. Now, please excuse me as I slip on my fluffy socks, watch documentaries, and sip cold green tea for the next hour. 

Check out the above sock-a-teers and send them some sock love:

Happy June! Winter is here. Yay! Hope you have a nice comfy week x


  1. I have so many gorman socks and love them! They are very cute x

  2. I love socks especially gorman patterned socks. They're so cool and I agree they oddly match with outfits! xx


  3. I LOVE socks :)


  4. Love socks! :) My favorite were the Hansel from Basel ones, so cool.


  5. My youngest daughter would love every pair of these socks... I am into boring black socks... :) I do buy her really cute ones though and I like that she wants to wear them where ever :)

  6. Lovely socks! I like the watermelon and triangle Gorman socks the best. :) I've been wearing my warm one recently since it's come into winter! :) We have some pretty cute socks in my work at Daiso hehe.
    Nina xo
    Little Pink Cactus

  7. So cute and cool socks!


  8. Awesome socks indeed! They're just so cosy, I also wear them in my garden ... They don't get THAT muddy ... Mostly. Happy Feet also do some really nice socks.


  9. Hahaha this is a great post. Just socks. Brilliant. The face ones scare me a bit but I do love those watermelon ones. Never come across any of these brands before; usually just stick to my Topshop and Accessorize ones. They're enough pattern for me. Rosemary x


  10. that watermelon print is adorable! ❤

  11. I'm loving anything watermelon print at the moment so loving those gorman socks!!