Asia Pietrzyk


I love Stockholm. I love Sweden. I love Scandinavia. I love graphic design. I love creative people.

And that is why I also love Asia Pietrzyk.

Asia is a freelance illustrator + graphic designer born and raised in Poland, now residing in Stockholm, Sweden. She illustrates and designs some of the funkiest artwork + graphics around. Asia has freelanced for many clients including Ban. Do, where she designed the 'hooray hooray hooray' canvas bag and the 'let's have fun, ok?' drink sleeve. I just adore all of her work, it has such a distinct style!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Asia a few questions:

+ Why did you decide to pursue a career in graphic design?
 I always knew I wanted to become a creative. I loved to draw, read and write. I was struck with literature, film, art or even poetry!  For many years I didn’t know what to focus on and I ended up with a Masters degree in German literature. Thankfully I went back to drawing and painting a few years ago and I knew that it was the right path to go down.

+ What inspires you?
Well, it depends :) 
Recently: food, old Polish movies and Japanese art.

Here is a graphic Asia designed, inspired by Baba Souk

Some of Asia's work for Ban. Do.

Asia's graphic for Bri Emery's (Design Love Fest) 28th birthday

Asia also launched a personal project 'Instamissimo' in Feburary 2014. She uses various Instagram pictures as inspiration and then creates a graphic representing them. So cool!

 Here is a graphic Asia made for Dutch FLAIR magazine in February 2014. Asia says making maps is super fun. I agree.

These two graphics are a sneak peak at one of her upcoming projects.

I love the eyes on this one! I would so hang this on my wall. Or anyone's wall. Or ALL the walls (but they may be become a little repetitive)

You can check out more of Asia Pietrzyk's work here:

+ Asia Pietryzk
+ Instamissimo 
+ Facebook

+ Pinterest

Pop over and say hello to her.

Hope you are all happy and well!


  1. I love it! Really cool illustrations. :)

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  5. I love graphic art... my daughter does this type of thing for a living... she always knew it was what she wanted to do and she pursued it.. this is wonderful :)

  6. Oooh what a great interview. Love her work

  7. Jeju, cudowne są te obrazki!

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  8. She has such fun and unique art work!

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