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I adore Baba Souk, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Stephanie, the woman behind it all. For all who don't know, Baba Souk is an online boutique based in Montreal, Canada, that is inspired by the Moroccan Souks. They support indie designers and creators by stocking their unique trinkets, pottery, pillows and clothing to a large audience. Baba Souk has such a bright, colourful style to it. There are items in Baba Souk that are so unique that only 1 is stocked, such as the Moroccan pillows which have all been hand woven. Stephanie is a really awesome lady, with great style and taste. 

1.    Hello Stephanie! Please tell us a bit about yourself and Baba Souk.
I’m just a passionate gal who decided to follow her dreams after working several years in the fashion industry as a clothing designer. Baba Souk is the creative outlet I needed to feel inspired and live with intention.

 2.    What inspired you to start Baba Souk?
A few years ago, I stepped into Marrakesh's souk market for the very first time. The color overload, the smell, the beauty… I had the sudden urge to create my own souk, my online version of a modern market, a fun “Baba” souk. I needed to celebrate indie design and handmade treasures; the online boutique is my way of sharing my finds and enthusiasm for design. I also have a great respect for independent designers who are trying to put their own special work out there. It takes such courage to choose this path in a world of mass marketing and facility. I feel good about showcasing the work of talented artists.

3.    What do you look for when choosing a product for the store?
I just follow my gut feeling and personal taste, there are bonus points for being colourful and making me smile.

4.    How would you describe your style?
Hum, good question! I think it’s constantly evolving, I kind of go through phases… I have to say because of my background in fashion, I think I am able to spot trends at their early stages. I always seem to be drawn to colorful patterns and quirkiness.

5.    What do you enjoy most about running Baba Souk. 
Working with creative minds is what inspires me most. I just love to be surrounded with talented people, maybe because talent is something that never fails to fascinate me. Creating exclusive products for Baba Souk in collaboration with talented designers is what drives me most.

6.    What is your favourite range available in the Baba Souk store? 
Oh such a thoughtful question! I choose every product myself with great care and I love every single one of them. However, I have a special spot for our SHiliconfETTI° sweaters because they are designed by Sheila Couture who is a dear friend of mine and the most creative and inspiring lady I know.
7.    What are some of the opportunities you’ve had since starting Baba Souk. 
Lots! Besides being featured in magazines and blogs I admire, which is super flattering, I think being able to collaborate and learn alongside some of my favourite artists is the biggest opportunity.

8.    Do you come from an artistic background?
 After high school I decided to study in visual arts and then I did a Bachelor's in graphic design. Soon after, I became a fashion designer for a well-known Canadian retailer. I designed women’s clothing and graphic patterns. I was traveling the world in search of the latest trends, it was an awesome experience, but after 6 years, I just had to follow my dreams.

9. What’s in store for the future of Baba Souk? 
I’m currently looking for the perfect creative studio space here in Montreal. I’m hoping to open a small co-working space doubling as a showroom for people to drop in to experience our universe. I can’t wait to create a colourful and inspiring space for the Baba studio!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me Stephanie! If you would like to see more of Baba Souk check out the following links.

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I hope you are all happy and well x


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