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Hello all!

We are all very lucky today on Cranberry Deer because Artist Nathalia (Nat-Hime) has agreed to have a chat. Nathalia is a freelance illustrator that runs 'Anime Lover', a store devoted to giving you delightful Japanese prints, with a twist of swedish style. The prints are based off classic Japanese animated films (Studio Ghibli in particular) with a more modern edge. Prints such as the Princess Mononoke print, which has a stunning geometric background really represent Nathalia's style. Characters such as Totoro, Chihiro, Kiki, and Ponyo have been made into a collection of simplistic prints, with customisable colours. I just love them!

Now lets get begin chatting with Nathalia!

1. Hello Nathalia! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork.

I'm a freelance illustrator/creative artist, and the creator and maker-in-chief of Anime Lovers on Etsy. I am a kid-at-heart who is inspired by everything from Japan and who is obsessed with polka dots, ballet, Shakespeare, classic movies, and geeking out over childhood nostalgia. The current collection in my shop is a nod to classic animated films/tv shows and I like to combine Swedish and Japanese design to create modern and original anime prints. 

2. What inspired you to mix Swedish and Japanese design?

I really wanted to create a collection that reflected my style, which is mainly inspired by Swedish and Japanese design. They both have remarkably similar design principles in terms of valuing minimalism and simplicity, which I tried to reflect in my prints by highlighting form and color. I thought by combing the clean simple lines of Swedish design with the beautiful repetitive patterns of Japanese textiles I could create a modern look for my prints that would transport nostalgia into the 21st century. 

3. How long have you loved art/design, and is there anything or anyone that started you on your creative journey?

I think art has always been a part of my life and being self-taught I continued to learn, develop, and grow by letting different forms of art spark my curiosity and creativity. Architecture, literature, ballet, plays, and music all tend to inform my work and I think they help enrich me as an artist as well. 

I began drawing at a young age influenced especially by my older brother. When we were kids, he would teach me how to draw using characters from our favorite saturday morning cartoons. As early as I can remember it was cartoons, animated movies, and illustrations in books that captured my imagination and ultimately spurred my love for drawing and design. 

4. What is your favourite character from a Studio Ghibli film? 

It’s really hard to choose because they’re are so many wonderful characters in the Ghibli films. I think that’s a real testament to Miyazaki because not only is he an amazing artist but also a powerful story teller. If I must choose though I think it would be NausicaƤ. She is endowed with so many admirable qualities-selfless, compassionate, intelligent, brave, and loyal. Plus, she has a pretty cool glider too. 

5. How do you create your prints? 

I usually start with doodles and thumbnails. Once I have an idea I’ll create an initial pencil sketch and add a color palette with color pencils. Sometimes I’ll refer to design books or print magazines for inspiration on color combinations or layouts. If I’m happy with a concept, then I know it’s time to go to the laptop. Depending on the design I will use a Wacom tablet to draw it in Photoshop and then after many clipping masks and layers later…Voila! Print and cut a crisp clean design that is bright and bold and hopefully makes you smile.  

6. Will you ever use your designs on other merchandise? (i.e. pillows, bags)

I’d love to branch out into textiles and paper goods. I’ve thought about creating some notebooks and tote bags, so maybe in the future my designs will take on a new life as home accessories

What an awesome studio!

Thank you Nathalia, it was a pleasure chatting with you. You can check out Nathalia at the following places:

Is there any artist/creative folk you would like me to chat with? Just leave a comment below, or drop me an email.

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  1. I've never heard or her before-thanks for sharing this! :)

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    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. she is super-talented! what an artist!

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