Artists: Heather Mahler

Hello everyone! 

Heather Mahler, a freelance illustrator and printmaker living in the US, has agreed to have a chat. Heather's artworks have such a distinct style. She draws different people (and animals) in a very structured, edgy, yet abstract style. That can mean multiplying eyes and limbs, or adding shapes and squiggles around the character. I love how there is so much going on in each print, yet they seem so simple from a glance. All the lines, shapes, and colours in the prints just work. These are some of the coolest prints I have come across in a while.

1. Hello Heather! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork.
My work is generally focused on abstracting the figure. expressing emotion with exaggerated posture or extra features such as eyes, or arms. 

2. What is the inspiration behind your artworks?
I express my sense of humour and interests through my illustrations. Body modifications such as piercing and tattoos give hints to what the viewer should feel. the tattoos may seem random at times, but are always drawn with in the state of mind the rest of the piece possess.

3. How do you create your prints? 
With painting, and printmaking under my belt in my education, drawing has always been my passion. My illustrations are a mixture of ink, watercolour pencils, and some pixels. Most of the process of my work is traditional, however I clean up the piece on photoshop.

4.  How long have you loved art, and is there anything or anyone that started you on your creative journey?

Art is a form of communication, and I have been drawing longer then I have been able to speak. It is hard to focus on a moment when I decided I loved art, for ive always needed to make art. it takes a kind of madness to be an be an artist, for we have to create.

5.  What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Draw everyday. Like anything you need to practice. Look at many different artists, styles and movements. I would highly recommend to take figure drawing classes to better understand the human figure. The best way to abstract and create a style is to know the basics. 

6. Will you ever use your designs on other merchandise? (i.e. pillows, bags)
I have buttons, stickers, and other goodies in the works. Yes.

Thanks for chatting with me Heather! It was great to get to know more about you. If you would like to see more of Heather and her artworks check them out.

Go over and send Heather a supportive message, I am sure she would appreciate it. Heather's prints are all a very affordable $11 (AUD). I hope you all enjoyed my chat with Heather!

Are there any artists you would like me to chat with next time? Let me know in the comments, or contact me x


  1. This artwork is really interesting! :)

  2. Lovely artwork! I love the fox. :)

  3. I love her work! Interesting chat :)


  4. I just found your blog and wow. It is one of the cutest blogs I have ever seen. I really love your drawings!!

  5. I just found your blog and wow. It is one of the cutest blogs I have ever seen. I really love your drawings!!

  6. Great art work you have done, how can I contact you? I have some queries about art work. Hope to see a reply from you soon. Thank you for the great work.