Watch My Favourite Childhood Films

I was off browsing Youtube today and found a few of my favourite childhood movies to view for free! I thought I would share them with you, so grab your popcorn, lay back on the couch, and get ready to take a walk with me down memory lane!

It's Annie! I love this pattern on how to make some of her vintage dresses red dress! The collars are so beautiful.

1. Annie (1999)

Oh I love Annie! Even to this day it is still one of my favourite movies. All the singing and dancing... Ms. Hannagin (is that how you spell it?) Is by far my favourite character! I still sing in my head 'Little Girls'. Oh and do any of you watch the television show Modern Family? You may notice Sarah Hyland (Hayley) plays one of the orphan children in this movie, Molly. Is she not just the cutest thing?

2. Madeline (1998)

 Madeline! I was obsessed with Madeline for a while when I was younger. I had Madeline dolls, puzzles, books, clothes. It was Madeline Madeline Madeline!

3. The Secret Garden (1987)

I loved the magical-ness of this movie. I always dreamed I would find a secret garden one day. By the way, the quality of the video isn't great, but it was copied from an old VHS. Ahhh... back in the days of tapes...

4. Cinderella (1997)

I mean, it's Cinderella. I'm sure most little girls have seen it at some point. I have to say though, I love the comments on this video...

"I'm a twenty year-old man, and I'm watching Cinderella. While gorging on ice cream. Because that's just how I roll" 

Good on you ReaperGrim... good on you.

5. It Takes Two (1995)

The Olsen twins. I actually aspired to be them back in the day. 'What would you like to be when your older?' 'An Olsen twin!' I would have said! I love this movie.

So that's all of them. That should keep you occupied for a few hours! 

Have a jazzy snazzy day,



  1. Time warp! I loved all these movies - especially The Secret Garden :) Thanks for the reminder! Now I must go set up my VCR and have a moment...

    1. Haha! Sadly my VCR left me long ago... But at least I can still watch the movies here! Love your blog by the way :)