Thoka Maer

I love these little drawings! They are the work of Thoka Maer, a freelance illustrator and animator based in Europe. These simple illustrations just look so delicate. I love their minimalistic look, it makes them so much better! The colouring is so light, and the sketched look is so pretty. For some reason, I can just sit and watch any one of these simple gifs repeat themselves over and over again! They all just flow so well. I hope you enjoy this little collection of sweet animations!

Sorry! I have no more to show you on this post. But do not fear! You can head over to Thoka Maer's website to scroll through infinite pages of these animations and illustrations for as long as you please.

Have a lovely day! 


*Oh, and I just thought I would let you all know that I recently did two interviews. I did one on 'Eve of Womanhood' and one on 'Little Panda Crafts'.


  1. Love these! Thanks for introducing them to me :)

  2. Love these, they are so amazing!

  3. oh my word! i'm in love with these! i wish he could make one for me! LOVE LOVE LOVE thanks for sharing these.

  4. oh so cute!!! this is definitely love at first sight, thank you so much for sharing these! :)