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So, I was out shopping in Brisbane City (Australia) the other day and found an adorable little tea shop called T2 (just on Queen St at Queens Plaza if any locals are reading). Their store looked and smelt spectacular, and there was even a small bench in the middle of the store filled with jugs and teapots containing a warm Bondi Beach inspired tea with notes of aniseed to ice cold jugs of green tea mixed in with lychees, peaches, mint and mango. All free to try! So of course I wandered around the pretty store, sipping tea and stroking clear glass teapots...

The great thing about T2 is that their tea is all actual tea. I mean that their tea bag tea is all actual whole leaves and flowers, not tiny weeny bits of crushed up leaves with zero flavour. They also sold a heap of handy tea tools at the counter so you can make up your tea easier.

Each tea bag packet contains a guide on the back, explaining how long the tea should brew for, and how it is best served. Oh, and the tea packaging is absolutely adorable! Each tea has a different colour, and a cute T2 logo on the front. I picked up a item list while there, so I know exactly what to order next! There are way too many to choose from.

What a pretty cup to enjoy your tea in!

Here's the T2 packaging and brewing information for some of the chamomile tea I purchased. 

Real whole chamomile buds! I seriously could not find whole chamomile buds anywhere. These ones smell amazing! I am smelling them now...

Lots and lots of teas in the T2 brochure...

Cool store, right? These two pictures aren't mine, I forgot to take my own when I was there. All credit goes to original photographers of course.

Sadly T2 tea stores are only available in Australia and New Zealand, but do not panic because T2 tea offers international shipping*.

Here's a quick T2 video showing you how to make a Quick iced tea:

Check out the tea at: http://www.t2tea.com/

*Depending on your countries import laws, T2 can't ship to every country. More shipping info here: http://www.t2tea.com/utilities/shipping/

^I am not sponsered by this company. I just love their tea.

I hope you have a lovely day,



  1. nice packaging. but the tea is very very ordinary... often quite stale. and not really best in class. but yes, the graphics are good. but you cannot drink the packaging artwork ;-)