Slow Life

Hello lovelies!

So todays post is about coral. You know, the stuff that grows in the sea. I have a couple of pretty prints to get you in the ocean mood before you watch 'Slow Life', the star of the show!


Are you in the mood now? Great, because this video is just amazing. Daniel Stoupin, is a PhD student at UQ (University of Queensland) studying in the field of marine biology. He has an interest in photography, especially photomicrography and has filmed a mind blowing time lapse, made up of 150, 000 photos of Coral growing. It's a great video to appreciate these amazing marine organisms, in all there colour and beauty. 

Daniel says,

"My interest in photography, especially in photomicrography, came from the scientific background. Working with microscopic protists during my first research years and later swimming countless nights with glowing plankton in the ocean opened my eyes on the diversity and complexity of life that we can't see without tools."

This video was filmed in the Great Barrier Reef, to help make people aware of it's beauty. 

It's so amazing to see such small forms of life grow. Daniel really deserves a pat on the back for this one!

+Daniel's Website

+Slow Life on Vimeo

I hope that post wasn't too different from the usual, I thought it was worth seeing. If you enjoyed that video as much as I did, please leave a comment below!


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  1. I love the second print!

  2. what beautiful illustrations! I would love to have something like that on my wall

    xxx Anna
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  3. How beautiful :) I love these illustrations.

  4. That was beautiful! I have never thought that coral could be so majestic. :)

  5. coral can be so pretty and tranquil. awesome post.