Pom Poms & Coasters

Hello my lovely folk!

I love Pinterest. Especially Pinterest DIY's. Recently, I was browsing through my Pinterest boards (I know, a little self absorbed in my own pins) and, surprise surprise, I found some great DIY's! I am obsessed with pom poms, and you would not believe how many pom pom DIY's I have on my board. Too many is the answer! So here's a little collection of snazzy DIY's for you to try out.

Pom Pom hat! I want one. Check it out

Washi taped tin can. Too cute, and easy to make! Check it out

These floral pixel coasters are just too cute! Check it out

I adore this DIY hanging vase! It is so unique and versatile. Check it out

A pom pom head garland! Great for parties, or just an odd day you feel like wearing pom poms on your head. Check it out

DIY donut pumpkins! I love these! Check it out

A pom pom bouquet! What a wonderful gift or decoration. Check it out

I hope that inspired you to get creative this weekend! 

Have a lovely pom pom day,



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