Old Man Cactus

Hello my lovely readers! 

So, I am not much of a green thumb. However I do love cactuses! They are some of the only plants I can successfully grow. I have this one old man cactus that I have owned for 6 years, and it is still alive. It's been dropped multiple times, left out of it's pot for days, repotted a countless number of times, and split in half. But miraculously, it is still happy and thriving today, and ha grown three little happy baby cactuses. So since it is my cactuses 7th birthday this year (yes, it has birthdays) I thought I would buy it some little cactus friends so they can all live merrily on my window sill.

I love the pot my cactus is currently housed in, but I have been trying to find some ways to house it more 'creatively'. Of course, I hit up Pinterest and now I have a collection of creative housing for succulents, cactuses, and any other hardy plant you can think of! Let's begin then, shall we?

1. Hanging Vase

This one is pretty popular at the moment. It is a super simple DIY, and I'm willing to give it a go. Just a few bits of rope!

2. Geometric Terrarium

These are so cool. I love them! They are a little more costly then the hanging vase, but hey, some things are worth those extra few dollars.  

3. Two Toned Pots

I love how these plain old terracotta pots have half of them painted white. It gives a very natural and simplistic look, which is easily achievable by give a quick half coat of paint. They just look so timeless.

Does anyone else have an old man cactus like me? I am sure mine will love to be potted like any of these plants.

Have a splendid day,



  1. No... but I had an aloe vera plant before... until it died.

    1. Awww... what a shame. I had an aloe vera plant that died too. It was way over 6 years old! x

  2. I don't have a cactus, but I love all the different ways they are being housed! So creative! Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. I have a cactus, and I think its dying, but I love it all the same. :)


  4. Fun ways to display your plants.
    I had a cactus…it died….I have a really do have a black thumb ;)
    Found you through MJ "Little Panda Crafts"

    1. Haha. I am happy you saw the interview x

  5. i don't have a green thumb either, so maybe i need to try my hand at these too. lol

    1. Haha. I am sure your green thumb will shine through if you grow a cactus! x