Hello everyone!

I have had trouble coming across cool clothes recently (in real-life stores!) and Moddolly has been my one-stop shop for all clothing vintage and indie. They have some very funky shirts and dresses up for grabs on their site. The cat shirts have to be my favourite, even though I am NOT a crazy cat woman or anything. I am more the crazy guinea pig woman... what a strange woman to be. But, if you're not a cat woman don't stress. Moddolly has a range of accessories, skirts, dresses, shirts, and any other item of clothing you could name that is unrelated to cats.

All the Moddolly clothing is handmade in London, and the shape of the clothing is flattering on nearly all figures. You should really check these guys out, their clothing is so cute and unique. The fabrics are amazing quality as well. I have to say, those gingham dresses are by far my favourite!

Oh! and did I mention their lovely slogan?...

 "Because you’re not cut from the same cloth..."

Here is the basic gist of their brand, how they describe themselves:

"Mod Dolly is a brand for girls who like to be a little more playful and quirky in their everyday styling. Created out of a love for British fashion and design, our brand is inspired by the new, the old and anything that has a story to tell."

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Oh right. You're waiting for the link. (It's at the bottom of the page...)



Click on each of the outfits to check them out on the Moddolly website.

Have a lovely day, and comment below if YOU love Moddolly too, or if you would like to see me post about more of the quirky fashion brands I find!