Katie Vernon

I was out shopping at IKEA the other day, and I purchased a small collection of five floral art cards by Katie Vernon. Katie has illustrated many artworks with the same delightful floral style, each has a simple drawing of an animal or human which have some sort of detailed floral design on them. She has been commissioned by some of the big guys, such as IKEA and Chronicle Books to draw some of her whimsical drawings. Each of her artworks is available as a print on her Etsy store, including that very sassy looking cat! 

Katie works as an illustrator and florist in Bloomington, Indiana. She studied Visual Communications and Design at the University of  Dayton, and then went on to get a masters in Art Education at IU. Her fuel for inspiration as an artist comes from her second career as a florist, Katie says she is "...greatly influenced by my florist life". She prints each of her artworks on archival bamboo fine art paper with archival pigment ink. Fancy! 

All Katie's prints are under $35 (AUD) over at her Etsy store Chipmunk Cheeks, so if you're looking for some nice affordable prints, check her out.

A set of five 4x6" art print KORT cards are available for $3.00 (AUD) over at IKEA.

Or you can head on over to her website and view more of her artworks.

Have a floral day!