Interview: Eb of Fearless Fox

Hello my pretties! 

How exciting! It's time again for another interview, this time with the lovely Eb of Fearless Fox. She is a British girl with a love for all things creative, and wearing pyjamas. Her blog Fearless Fox covers craft, design, and photography, and has one of the most whimsical blog designs I have ever seen! Her blog is very vintage, with lots of browns and greens. It very much reminds me of a forest. 

1. Hello Eb! Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

Hello, I am Eb and my blog is the Fearless Fox. I am an artistic, crafty, crazy girl with a good sense of humour and a tendency to forget! I started this blog at New Year - probably not my best plan considering this is one of my most important years of school! But anyway, I hope you like my blog and enjoy reading a bit about what I like!

2. What inspired you to start Fearless Fox?
I was inspired firstly by myself. I am quite a secretive person. Not purposefully - I just don't speak how I feel. So no one at all knows much about me, I don't know why - I guess it just turned out like that! I really wanted to share 'my real-self' with people and show them some of the things I like to do. I started a blog because it looked so fun. I love designing things, and designing a blog is definitely the biggest but most fun option I could find! The first blog I remember reading properly was The Craft Arty Kid (now Always Arty). And I loved it ! It is definitely one of my best choices!

3. What is the inspiration behind the name of your blog?
After deciding I wanted to make a blog I sat and made a huge list of potential names. Some I hated some I loved. And I don't know why but I was drawn to Fearless Fox. They are cute and I had some drawings of little foxes already. I see them as fearless and curious little animals so I went for Fearless Fox. It doesn't relate to me in many ways, however I hope it can be a unique identity for my blog!

4. What do you enjoy blogging about most?
Definitely entertaining people. I love seeing their comments and how much they enjoy my posts. It's amazing to know that people actually have the same interests as you and want to 'follow' you! Well who would have thought it?!

Cute blog design, right?

5. Are there any tips you have for growing an audience?
Don't be afraid to read other people's blogs and leave comments with your blog address. I felt rude doing it at first but providing you write a comment and have read the post then I think it's ok. I certainly don't mind people leaving addresses on my blog (providing it isn't spam!) because I enjoy reading other people's posts!

I found this adorable fox temporary tattoo on Etsy, I think Eb would like this!

Thank you Eb for allowing me to interview you, and I hope you all enjoyed that interview. Eb is really lovely, and I really recommend checking out Fearless Fox!

Have a fabulous day,



  1. Nice post! I always enjoy interviews. I seem to really get to know the person when I read them. :) I was just curious if I could interview you for my blog? I could email you the questions and you could answer them back. :)

    1. Thanks Eve! I would happily do an interview :)

  2. Great interview! I will be sure to check her out :)

  3. the tattoo is so cute :)

  4. Great interview! I love Eb's blog, I'm already a follower. :)

  5. I think it is great to interview people to find out what they love about blogging and how they got into it... we all have our own reasons... nice :)

    1. That's exactly why I do it! I'm happy you enjoyed the interview x

  6. Great interview! I love Eb's blog, she posts such creative things :)
    I was wondering if I could interview you for my blog? Please let me know if you're interested and drop me an email at Thanks!

  7. I really love your blog
    you're really an artworker!
    keep in touch <3