Guest Post: Tree Hanger

 Hello Lovelies!

Here is a guest post by Monique of Writing Monique:

I love the Spring, everything grows and becomes more beautiful. The warm weather makes me want to sit outdoors a lot and I discovered that our garden was really sad and full of dark wintery colours. I decided to change that and make a cute little tree hanger.

The things I used to make this hanger are available at almost every DIY store, and they are available in so many cute colours. I love the way this hanger flows in the wind, it’s almost like watching kites in the air. It makes me happy seeing all the colours flow through the air.

Now our garden is coloured with multiple of these hangers and of course amazing flowers. I can’t wait to write outside every afternoon and enjoy my garden decorations as much as I enjoyed my home decorations in the winter. 

Thanks Monique for guest blogging on Cranberry Deer!

About Monique:

My name is Monique, I’m 20 years young and I suppose you could say I’m a writer, blogger, reader, creator and dreamer.
December of 2012, after doubting for a very, very long time, I decided to join the Dutch blog world on  In February 2014, I decided (again after doubting for a while) to take a next step. was born, out of my love for writing and my obsession for the English language.
On both of my blogs you’ll find my personal opinion on products, reviews on books, movies and theater productions, Do-It-Yourself projects and other things I’m enthusiastic about.

Monique's Blog Writing Monique:


  1. I love it! :)

  2. this is a very creative idea :) I'd love to make this some time.


    1. It would be lovely if you sent a picture in if you try it out Mitch!

  3. u r so talented, n this so gorgeous.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/Facebook..Let me know !

    1. Monique is the talented one! Lovely blog x

  4. So cute! Need to do this x

  5. That is the cutest! What a fabulous outdoor decoration. I love the colors.


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