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These pieces are just a little bit crazy. Crazy cool. They are colourful handwoven handmade by Judit Just, a very creative woman from Spain living in Asheville, NC. She creates all sorts of tapestries, made from wools, silks, cottons, doll's body parts, beads, tassels, the list is endless! Each piece is unique because it has been delicately handmade by Judit in her home. They are each an explosion of colour to brighten up any drab looking room. These thick handwoven tapestries will surely make you fall in love with textures and colours!

The Jujujust store also sells a wide range of lovely hand embroided bags. Each bag is hand woven on a white cotton warp with a bunch of colorful antique laces, satin and velvet ribbons, fabric scraps, cotton and wool threads.

Oh no. That's not all! She also hand makes a range of necklaces. Some of the hand embroided of the necklaces have been embroided in a unique style that gives the look and feel of velvet. Others are made of beautiful geometric-style vanished wooden beads. Very pretty!

 If those pictures intrigued you, don't be afraid to pop by the Jujujust store and take a peek at the hundreds of pretty things!

Jujujust Etsy store

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  1. Ow wow. This looks amazing :)


  2. That must take such time and talent! Gorgeous, though. Thanks for recommending :)

    1. That's ok! You're right, it is really gorgeous :)

  3. Those textile pieces are beautiful! So bright and colorful! Thanks for sharing!
    Also, thank you for leaving that sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is so cute..I've followed you as well :)


  4. Wow, these are soooo cool. My favourite things to decorate the house with are little hanging ornaments so my place is pretty minimalistic, but with just lots of things stuck to the walls. I don't know how people find things like this! Etsy is a pretty big world. Thanks for finding my blog by the way; partying grannies for the win. Rosemary x


    1. Oh I love sticking things on the walls! And, yes, partying grannies all the way! x

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