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Yes folks, it is time for another Etsy post. This week it is the Etsy store Esther Sandler, full of handcrafted cushions, bags, cross-stitch jewellery and paper goods, all made in the wonderful Melbourne, Australia. The label is named 'Togetherness' which has been created by Esther to showcase her handcrafted goods. The Togetherness label includes original designs and illustrations, including the patterns Hyper Floral and Snaking Ropes. Each purse or bag is available in any of the available patterns. The items are handmade, and all so very unique.

The cushion covers are made with beautiful cotton/linen stitching, and each has been designed by Esther Sandler. They are handmade with love, and the reverse of the cushion is 100% cotton and has been hand painted with water based fabric ink. The cushion covers have to be my favourite!

I love these two cushion cover designs.

          This is the backing to one of the cushion covers.

          Each of the cushion covers has been hand stitched, see?

    This is how they have been designed.

    As Esther says, designing the perfect packaging is almost as important as the product!

The Togetherness collection includes some very nice brooches, embroided magnets, clutches, and purses.

Each brooch has been handmade, with a unique embroided design. They are very cute, and can brighten up any outfit!

Togetherness has a special collection of Spring Garden Magnets, each one has been specially hand drawn, featuring geraniums, dahlias, and one adorable snail! They are the perfect addition to anyones fridge.

The clutches and purses are digitally printed with some very dazzling patterns. Some of the purses, clutches, and bags have been fitted with a handmade gold leather tassel and gold zip details. All of them are printed with unique Togetherness designs, and are made with quality cotton. The insides are a unique contrasting textile design.

           Here is the very nice contrasting quilted fabric on the insides.

          These are the original Togetherness patterns 

There are many more different products available in the Togetherness collection. Each product is available to be sent anywhere internationally from Australia, each hand packaged from Melbourne. I really recommend checking out Togetherness and the Esther Sandler Etsy store. The products retail for as low as $3.00 (AUD).

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