Eat. Say. Love.

Oh I love Eat. Say. Love prints so much! 

It is an Etsy store full of unique prints with cute catchy slogans on them and snazzy drawings. The store is run by Ashley, a graphic designer based in Massachusetts, US. She's loved art from a young age, and even say's she skipped study halls in high school to hang out in the art room. For her, simple projects would turn into extreme art projects. Art was her natural choice as a career, and boy, am I glad she chose it!

I first discovered her prints on Pinterest, back in 2012, and have been a fan since then. She has had over 1,147 sales and has over 1,238 admirers. Great, right? 

I really recommend checking her store out and dropping her a supportive message. You won't regret it!

Here are a few of her fabulous prints!

 You can view or purchase the four above prints here:





Check out the Eat. Say. Love. Etsy store here:
Eat. Say. Love. (Ashley's) Pinterest:

 Hope you all have a lovely day or evening,