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Ahhh...  I was out shopping today and I found a large bookstore... with each book for only $6! My heaven. So, after at least an hour of wandering around the books and smelling each page, I decided upon 2 books. Lost CAT and Slavery Inc. which I know are absolutely unrelated to each other. I haven't read the books yet, I mean I only bought them today! 
Here's one of the cute illustrations from Lost Cat

Lost CAT: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology

Lost CAT is about a lady (Caroline Paul) who was recovering from a bad accident, when she lost her beloved cat. She (and her partner, Wendy MacNaughton) mourned the loss, but weeks later, the cat returns shy and anxious. Using GPS, cat cameras, pet detectives, animal communicators, and psychics, they go on mission to describe their cats secret life. What real sold me on the book was the playful illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton. I really do adore the funny little drawings of Animal Shelter Workers and Tibia, the cat itself.

The book states,
'What do our pets do when they're not with us? Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton offer a tender, hilarious look at how they used everything
from psychics to satellites to track the adventures of their beloved cat Tibia'.

 Hope that did a decent job of explaining the book I haven't read yet...

Slavery Inc.

Slavery Inc. is very different to Lost CAT. It explores the issue of Human Trafficking (Sex Trafficking) in countries all around the world. The victims, the criminals, politicians, and children. Lydia Cacho, a Mexican journalist/campaigner, is the one following the trail to the traffickers and victims. She travels from Mexico to Turkey, Thailand to Iraq,Georgia to the UK. She exposes the sex trafficking's links to the tourist industry, internet pornography, drugs and arms smuggling, the selling of body organs, money laundering, and terrorism. I know, I know. This book is definitely not for everyone. But, if it interests you then i hope you found this interesting.

 So I hope you found one of those books interesting. If not, don't worry. I'll be doing another one of these book shopping trips soon. Oh! And the new issue of Frankie Magazine is out soon (April 14th!) so get ready for my review-sort-of-thing of that. 

Reviews of Lost CAT:

Reviews of Slavery Inc:

*Information obtained from the back of the book... rewritten by me.

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