3 Snazzy Easter DIY'S

How's it going?

Get your craft kit out, because I've gathered 3 fabulous DIY projects to keep you occupied this Easter!

 All the DIY'S were not 'invented' by me, I will link all sources below. All the pictures are not taken by me either. I did however complete the Easter bunny jar myself, and I took a few pictures of it. but until I get a better camera I'm sure you'd appreciate the crystal clear online images rather than my fuzzy images. Enjoy!

Bunny Jars

You will need:

Plastic bunnies

spray paint

How to:

Well I have to say, the tutorial is pretty self-explanatory. You glue the bunnies onto the lid of the jar, let it dry, spray paint the jar lid (with the bunny glued on), let it dry, and voila! You're finished.

Oh and compulsory, Fill with chocolate!!!

All images and tutorial info. is sourced from ©Torie Jayne

Original tutorial 

Piñata Easter Eggs

Oh I just had to include the funky little eggs!

You'll need:

Blown-out jumbo chicken eggs

Floral crepe paper in assorted colours
Bakers thread or crochet thread
Household glue
Little paintbrush
Hot glue

How to:

Check out the actual tutorial here.

Basically what you do is cover the eggs in crepe paper, then crepe paper with fringe, then you tie them up with strings and fill with confetti. Ta da!

All pictures and DIY instructions (apart from my little 'how-to) are from A Subtle Revelry

Golden Marbled Easter Eggs

You'll need:

  • foam block (mine was 12 x 6 inch)
  • 48 toothpicks
  • dozen white eggs
  • set of food coloring
  • white vinegar
  • heatproof jars (large and deep enough to dip eggs into)
  • metal spoon
  • leafing kit (found at the craft store in the framing section) or:
  • metallic gold leaf
  • size (glue-like liquid for applying gold leaf)
  • leafing sealer (optional)
  • foam brush
  • masking tape for cleaning up metal leaf remnants
How to:

This DIY is a little more tricky then the others. You'll first need to blow out the eggs, then use food colouring (the messy part) to dye the eggs, and then use gold leaf to coat them. Doesn't sound tricky but once you read the tutorial you'll get what I mean.

Original tutorial and pictures are from She Knows

Well, I hope one of those DIY'S interested you.

Have a fabulous Easter and eat lots of chocolate!



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