Rosehip oil: What can it do for your skin?

While I was reading at article on 'what are the best oils for your skin type' on the blog Holistic Health Herbalist I became quite interested in rosehip oil. I have combination skin, and rosehip oil was reccomened, so being the curious person I am I did some further investigation. I came to discover the many benefits that rosehip oil has for the skin, and it is wonderful.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids

These omegas are essential for our health, but our bodies are unable to produce them. They generate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue, which helps damaged skin, possibly scarred skin.


Rosehip oil is an extremely effective for a daily moisturiser for all skin types, even oily skin. There is a false idea that using oil on acne prone or oily skin can block the pores evn more and make the acne worse. The reality is that using oils on skin actually sends a message to the body that it is overproducing oil or 'sebum' and that it needs to reduce the amount it is produce, therefore the blocked pores are able to unplug because less sebum is being produced. Rosehip oil also helps dry skin and really moisturisers it.

My Experience

I purchased the Rose-Hip plus brand of rosehip oil in Chemist Warehouse (Australia) for $10.69 (AUD), which is a great price considering it is organic and cold-pressed. I know you can get it in Europe for similar prices depending on the brand, although I found the rosehip oil in the US a tad more expensive but not by much. I used around 3-4 drops of the oil for 2 weeks and noticed a great improvement. The dry patches on my skin cleared up and it was definitely less 'flaky' (I know, TMI) and the oily areas evened out. Any brand of rose-hip oil works fine, as long as it is pure rosehip oil.

Always remember...

Pay attention to the label. You want a good solvent free extraction process, Chile and South Africa supply to a lot of brands. If the oil is not extracted properly, the benefits are near obsolete. Look out for words like 'cold-pressed' and 'organic'.

Where can I buy Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is purchasable in most chemists, some supermarkets have it in the beauty section. Anywhere that sells body or facial products will often sell rosehip oil.
These are the most affordable options I could find, but I'm sure you can find cheaper if you shop around.

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  1. Oh very interesting. I'm always a little worried about using oil on my face (I had acne on my cheeks for a couple of months last year for some reason, GREAT!) and I'm always scared it will come back. Would be interesting to see what this oil can do for the little red scars on my cheeks. My dermatologist said they're going to disappear, but I'd love to speed up the process.


    1. Hello Julia! Thanks for the comment. I agree, acne just sucks. i have a few acne scars myself. For your red scars, I did a little research on the healing properties of rosehip oil for scarring and I found a great article on it. here's a snippet of what I read, 'In a two-year study, rosehip oil was applied to 180 patients with surgical, traumatic and burn scars, as well as to a group suffering from premature ageing of the skin. The results were remarkable. Continuous application of rosehip oil effectively attenuated scars and wrinkles, halted advancement of premature ageing, and restored lost skin natural colour and tone'

      You can check out this website for more info:

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