Gorman Threads

Gorman. An absolutely fabulous indie Australia-based clothing line. 

I first heard (or you could say read) about Gorman in Frankie Magazine a few months back. I was intrigued by it and decided to do a little research. When I purchased the March/April 2014 issue, I was very excited to see that Gorman was holding a subscription competition. Their new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is up for grabs if you subscribe to Frankie magazine. The new collection is very 'unique'. It's full of strange dresses and jeans with vegetable prints and carrot printed dresses. 

Gorman is not a trend-driven clothing line, which seems to set it apart from others. Instead it focuses on quality fabrics, unique designs, and good shapes. Gorman started out as Lisa Gorman sewing in her Melbourne bedroom, and is now a world-wide clothing line.

"My idea is to 'de-precious' the fabrics & techniques that have always been reserved for special occasion wear and have them worn every day. I use Italian yarns for my knitted sweaters so why not use silk for summer skirts that you wear to the beach? It's not the olden days, you don't have to hide silk in your glory box - get it out and wear it."
-Lisa Gorman

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