Candle Time

Candle Time!

Woohoo! Wow, I am enthusiastic today! Too many exclamation marks... Anyway, back to the point. I've been using POLYVORE alot, which I'm sure if you follow my blog you probably know. I created a cute little candle collection full of buzzing scents to keep life smelling good! 

Kate Spade Candles
I absolutely adore the names of the Kate Spade candles:
-Pretty and witty make the perfect pair (pink)
-Leave something to the imagination (black)
-Start something new (blue)

I would love to walk a past a great smelling candle with one of those written on it everyday.

Byredo black home decor
$89 -

Tom Dixon 3 wick candle
$89 -

Eight Bob paris home decor
$92 -

Black and white home decor
$41 -

Kate Spade pink home decor
$44 -

Kate Spade black home decor
$44 -

Kate Spade candles candleholder
$44 -

Library of Flowers scented soy wax candle
$15 -

I hope you have a lovely day,



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